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Peace be upon your house.

His Church Established

His Holy Church was established almost 2000 years ago by the Messiah. It is the holy or sanctified Church belonging to Him alone.

Yeshua, the Messiah, whom we call today Jesus, the Christ, was the rightful heir to the throne of David. Born in a time of usurpation, betrayal and intrigue, reaching into the minds and hearts of the people of faith, hope and charity, He preached the Kingdom of God at hand.

His cousin, John the Baptist, the son of Zacharia, a High Priest, appointed Him the rightful successor to follow his ministry of charity and repentance. From birth he was called king by shepherds and Princes. The voice of the people of Judea hailed Him as King, the highest Son of David even as He triumphantly entered into Jerusalem. He was anointed with oil before He was crucified; and, Rome proclaimed him king, sealing that proclamation in blood.

He took the Kingdom from those who did not bear fruit and appointed his disciples as the servants of His Kingdom replacing the apostate Levite with a different kind of minister and altar. On the day of Pentecost we find the 12 Apostles and 120 families representing His Holy Church. Those who came from the upper room, baptized, appointed and anointed the individuals who would become a part of Jesus' new kind of Kingdom. It was a Kingdom unlike the Gentile Kingdom that exercised dominion of men over men. It was a Kingdom based upon the perfect law of liberty, upon Faith, Hope, Charity and Love.

His Holy Church is founded first in the hearts of men and women who love God the Father in Heaven and love their neighbors as much as they love themselves. They seek to do the will of the Father and work diligently to assist others in doing and serving His purposes: His plan, His way, according to the message, and appointment of Christ, the KING.

We seek to assist other families and Church groups in their efforts to recognize that His Kingdom of righteousness is within their reach --- this is called the good news, the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The Way of this Kingdom is Charity and Hope, Faith and Love. It is a system of mutual and voluntary assistance, and contributed aid; and, freely given, and freely received. At its core is the Family, and then the congregation of the people, along with those of the Church, who dedicate their lives in the service of the LORD of lords.

For centuries the Good News of the Kingdom of God has suffered from ignorance and deception, greed and avarice. In these modern times the Gospel of Jesus Christ has suffered from neglect. Like those days of Pentecost a new pouring out of the Spirit of God has begun to come upon the people. A new awakening is bringing back the knowledge that has sometimes been lost and hidden from our view.

Mark 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

To seek the Kingdom and its righteousness often requires the dedication, assistance and diligence of a few men called out, the ekklesia, to aid their brothers in Christ, their neighbor and their community. It is to that duty that this ministry of His Holy Church is truly dedicated.

Matthew 10:7 And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

May the brethren of His Holy Church be of service to you in your pilgrimage to discover the Truth, the Way and the Life.


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I am convinced that:
Christ, Moses and Abraham were all trying to teach men how to
come together and be free souls under God;
That evil creates the same type of system over and over
God does not change,
Evil does not change and
Man does not choose to change.
God does not want to force you to:
Trust him
Obey him
Walk with him...
Instead God wants you to LOVE him.
Evil is not so particular in his goal for you to:
Join him [usurp God]
Judge him or
Judge anyone
Man is made in the image of God.
Because he turned from God he lost sight of:
who he is,
who he should be
Who he was meant to be.
If Man learns to love his fellow man he has learned what evil
refuses to learn.
If Man learns to sacrifice his life for others he has learned
what evil does not want him to do.
If he learns to forgive others he becomes what evil cannot
The systems that Jesus, Moses and Abraham were teaching were
systems of voluntary:
Forgiveness, Trust, Faith, Hope and Charity.
And also: Liberty, Industry, Diligence and Sacrifice,
The system created by evil is a system that is dependent upon
just the opposite:
Selfishness, Judgment, Deception, Entitlements and
And also: Control, Apathy, Avarice and Indifference.
How far these aspects can reach in our lives is dependent upon
the direction of our heats and minds.
If we have been seduced, lead or are following the system of
evil we should turn around, repent and follow the system of
One is a snare that draws us to death, the other is a path
that leads us to life.
In both directions we will face death but in one we shall be
devoured and in the other we shall be raised up.
The only true choice we have in this world and the next is the
direction we choose to go. One is the kingdom of God that
leads to life and the other is the world, the flesh and evil,
bringing death and destruction.
One way brings illumination and the other brings illusion; one
is transforming and the other is transfixing.
In either case we began in the world.We learn to be of the
world or of the kingdom of God.
On the best advise of Jesus Christ, I am going to preach the
kingdom of God is at hand.
I am further convinced that the kingdom is a form of
government based on freewill aspects mentioned above where
people come together for the promotion of those precepts and
ordinances of Jesus Christ. The world and the order it imposes
seduces, deceives and entices all to do the opposite of
Christ's Kingdom at hand.
The enemy of freedom wishes to divide and conquer the people
who seek freedom and liberty under God and have found no
greater alley than modern religion.
But Christ did not preach religion. He taught precepts of
faith, hope and charity in a national brotherhood where its
ministers could not exercise authority one over the other and
rights and responsibilities remained with the children of God.
Peace on your house
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