In The Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Paul said, "It is NOT I That Lives"


It is not "I" that lives but Christ lives in me (Galatians 2:20). It is not "Self" that lives but "Christ" lives in me. It is not "Self" that lives but "The Anointed One" - the One whose head/mind is anointed with the "Oil of Understanding" - the oil that lubricates the "seized-up" mind and gets it working again, understanding the TRUTH or WORD of God. It was, or is, "seized-up" because "Self" was, or is, jamming-up the works and blocking the channel through which the Holy Spirit can flow to "lead you into all righteousness" and wash you clean from inside, as it flows through you and then your "cup overflows" to others, to wash them clean with the TRUTH and the Light of understanding, that the now "working mind" receives in a Life united with God, its supply of understanding; oil and Light. Then the Light of understanding with its "shield of faith" (Ephesians 6) effortlessly and painlessly conquers the fear and darkness of ignorance (given by Satan and maintained by believing his lies) that lives in you. God thereby teaching you, from within ("in-tuition"), to be like Him, so that you need no man to teach you (1 John 2:27) because his "Self" will get in your way.

Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father Which is in heaven IS perfect.


The Meaning of Paul's Message in Galatians

What Paul meant when he said, "I am crucified with Christ and now it is not I that Lives but Christ Lives in me."

The "I" that was crucified with Christ was his "Self" - his separated (from God) "Self" with all of its selfishness and "Self-will", rather than God's Will (Islam in Arabic).

He stated that his "Self" was already dead and the rest of his statement follows on from, and depends upon, that first statement of the "Self" having already been crucified. If the "Self" is not dead, then the rest of what he says does NOT apply. Read it properly!

He speaks in the past tense NOT present tense. He says his crucifixion was completed during his years in Damascus (Qumran) and Arabia, ALONE with His Lord.

He had taken up his cross (his "Self") DAILY and followed his Lord's Example of crucifying his "Self" on the 'cross of "Self"-sacrifice'. Your "Self" is the cross YOU have to bear and carry about until it is crucified and leaves you free from its insatiable demands and burdens, that weigh you down and make you stumble and make your life selfish and a misery. This means killing the "Self" DAILY and obviously does NOT mean committing suicide, as you cannot commit suicide every day.

This dying DAILY, all day, every day, to "Self" - the destroying of your own individual "Self"-ishness can ONLY be achieved by following Christ's Teaching exactly and NOT Paul's or the christian church's teaching.

You must die to "Self" daily - DAILY until your human "Self"-will and "Self"-ishness are dead and then, when you are TRULY spirit in an earthen vessel, and NOT an earthen vessel with spirit in it, you will be motivated only by Christ and He will be Living in your earthen-vessel, with you, instead of the "Self" living in it. You will then be working 24 hours a day to set up His Kingdom of Israel; - a NATION with God's Laws; Statutes; Judgements; Economic Policy; Agricultural Policy and healthy balanced diet etc., for Him to reign over here on Earth and NOT a spiritualised abstract church.

Paul, in attempting to teach, was dis-obeying his Master (Matthew 23:8-10) and has caused more damage to Christ's Mission and Kingdom than anyone else has because all of the "so-called" christian religions are based on the letters of Paul and NOT on the Teaching of Christ. Some of the letters, or parts of his letters, were not even written or dictated by Paul but are still attributed to him, by the churches, who have founded themselves, AGAINST Christ's orders (Matthew 6:5 & 6), on what are referred to as being "the Letters of Paul".

Matthew 6
6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt
NOT be as the hypocrites [ARE]: for they love to pray standing in the churches and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward (they wanted to be seen and they have been seen, so they already have the reward they wanted and therefore God will NOT answer them).
6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and
WHEN THOU HAST SHUT THY DOOR, pray to thy Father IN PRIVATE (Enoch 56:5; Sura 7:55); and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly (by answering you).

ALL of the "so-called" christian churches always quote the letters of Paul and NOT Christ for their own existence, and, if there is a conflict, they take the view they think is expressed in Paul's letters, rather than Christ's view. This, in itself, is AGAINST Christ's Teaching recorded in Matthew 23 and Matthew 6 and is also totally illogical because they take what they think is the opinion of a student in primary school (Paul) and give it more credibility than the opinion of the Supreme and ONLY Teacher and that is not only illogical, it is dis-obedient and stupid when your life depends upon getting it right.

Matthew 23
23:7 And greetings in the markets, and to be called by men, Priest, Rabbi, Imam, etc.
23:8 But
be not ye called priest (etc.): for one is your Master, [even] Christ; and all ye are brethren.
23:9 And call
NO [man] your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
23:10 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, [even] Christ.
23:11 But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.
23:12 And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.
23:13 But woe unto you, lawyers and politicians, (who were also priests) hypocrites! for
ye shut up the Kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in [yourselves], neither allow ye them that are entering to go in.


Christianity as you know it should be more
accurately titled "Paulianity or Churchianity".

People follow the "so-called" teaching of Paul rather than Christ and go to church because they are lazy and are looking for an "easy-path" and there is NO easy path. So they are being deceived by satan and are suffering from "Self"-delusion and become priests and "agents of evil", unwittingly, most of them.

Matthew 7
7:13 Enter ye in at the
"Strait" gate: for wide [is] the gate, and broad [is] the way (the "easy-path"), that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat (most of mankind):
7:14 Because
Strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] The Way (like the eye of a needle), which leadeth unto Life, and (extremely) few there be that find it (as the "Times of Noah" will it be").

People spend lifetimes trying to understand what Paul meant in his letters, instead of spending their time studying, doing and "Living" the Teaching of Christ and DAILY crucifying "Self", as Paul had already done. "Take up your cross DAILY and follow ME - MY example and Teaching on how to do it." (Luke 9:23).

Christ came to set up His Kingdom using His Servant NATION Israel (the British), not Judah (the Jewish), as a foundation for it and then by implementing the NATIONAL Laws; Statutes; Judgements; Economic Policy; Agricultural Policy and healthy balanced diet, that He gave to Israel (the British), through Moses, at Horeb, in Sinai, to gradually graft the Gentile nations into Israel, and make the whole world into the Kingdom of Israel - God's Kingdom on Earth, voluntarily.

Then the whole world would be at peace, living voluntarily in harmony with each other and with nature and God, with everyone loving his neighbours as much as (or, preferably, more than) he loves himself.

Who is my neighbour? The man next to you and the man on the far side of the planet and everyone in between.

The word British is actually Hebrew and means "the man or People of The Covenant", in other words the True Israel People or "House of Israel", referred to by Christ in Matthew 15:-

Matthew 15:24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the 'lost sheep' of the "House of Israel" (the Ten "Lost" Tribes of Israel who became Christ's, at least in name).

The christian church has purposely wrongly translated the word "community" as "church" to try to justify their own existence and the "holy people" (Israel) as "saints" to deceive everyone and hide the Truth, so that they could then falsely claim to be Israel the church, instead of Israel the NATION.

You were told to preach the Gospel of the KINGDOM, not the church, to all NATIONS not churches, for a witness (Revelation 11 v 3) and then the end of Satan's rule would come - the end of the "Winter" age or dispensation NOT the planet (Matthew 24 v 14).

That means that when everyone knows how fair God's Laws and Economics are for EVERYONE; not like man's laws and economics, which have one law for the poor and another for the rich; then the people would get rid of men's evil systems of government, which are inspired by Satan, and set up God's Kingdom on Earth, for the benefit of ALL mankind.

That is the ONLY thing that Christ wants to do, through you, from within and it is what Paul refers to when he says that Christ lives within him and Christ persuades men through him, (Galatians 1:10). "Do I persuade men or does God do it THROUGH me?" - because the "Self" is crucified already and Christ (The TRUTH) lives in him.

The human "Self" wants only to build its own "Self"-ish little kingdom and NOT God's "self"-less Kingdom. Therefore, if you are doing; saying; thinking or spending money on anything that is not directly helping Christ to set up His Kingdom, and storing up treasure in heaven instead of here, on Earth, then your "Self" is NOT crucified and you are NOT "perfect in Christ", but your "Self" (Ego) lives in you and is feeding itself and building its own kingdom, where it is king, instead of Christ. (Please read "The Different effects of Nature and Grace")

Paul said his "Self" was crucified ALREADY and that Paul the separate "Self" was dead and Christ was living in him, in place of the "Self" (instead of "Self"), teaching him and using him to set up His Kingdom for the benefit of ALL men.

Christ came, not to destroy the NATIONAL (moral) Law and Prophets (only the ceremonial sacrificial Law, which was only a school-master to bring people to Christ) but to fulfill them. The prophets all prophesied about The Kingdom and the setting up of The Kingdom, with its Laws; Statutes; Judgements; Economic Policy; Agricultural Policy etc. and the peace; prosperity and blessings it would bestow on ALL mankind - "Summer".

Matthew 5
5:17 Think
not that I am come to destroy the Law, or the Prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.
5:18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall
in NO way pass from the Law, till all (the prophecies) be fulfilled.
5:19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least
COMMANDments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the Kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach [them], the same shall be called great in the Kingdom of heaven.
5:20 For
I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall EXCEED [the righteousness] of the lawyers and politicians (who were also priests), ye shall in NO case enter into the Kingdom of heaven.

You must therefore STOP thinking about and feeding the "Self"-life and crucify it and let Christ teach YOU how to set up His Kingdom and not your own "Self's" kingdom, where you are king instead of Christ being King.

Put on "the whole armour of God" ("The Force") and fight with the "Sword of the Spirit," which is The Word of God or TRUTH or CHRIST who has "the two-edged sword" ("Light-Sabre") that comes out of His mouth and yours, when He lives in you because the "Self" is dead and then tell people about the wonderful Kingdom, here on Earth, that they can ALL share, IF they help you to convince everyone to turn away from politics and religions (which most people hate anyway already) to Theocracy and God's Kingdom, where there is no crime because there are NO POOR PEOPLE (no poverty).

That is what YOU were ordered to do and if you are NOT doing it, then you are NOT Christ's but Paul's. You are not Christ's but Paulians and in MIS-understanding Paul you are satan's because you are doing something other than the "Will of God" (Islam in Arabic) and there is NO middle-ground. "Those who are not WITH Me, gathering together and building My Kingdom (not church or religion) are AGAINST Me and are scattering abroad (disuniting and creating hostility between the believers)" (Matthew 12:30 & Genesis 49:10).

Don't let your "Self" delude you. Crucify it DAILY and help to set up The Kingdom using God's Ways and God's NATION - (the 10-Tribed House of Israel - Britain and the Commonwealth; America; Scandinavia; the Netherlands; the Baltic States; Northern France and Celtic Spain) starting at His "place of defence", His right hand, the Fortress of Rock - Isaiah 33:16 & Isaiah 42:11 - GIBRALTAR - "Gebal Tariq" - "Tariq's Rock" - Tariq means, in Arabic, the "Night Visitant" - "I shall come as a thief in the night" - Christ. Christ's Rock of defence to gather the people together to defend them and feed them, where their waters shall be sure - Isaiah 43:6 and 33:16.

The 2-Tribed House of Judah (the Jewish) have never accepted their true King - Christ, so will not help until The Kingdom is already in existence with Christ over it.

Stop sitting there patting your "Selves" on the back and being lazy and deluding yourselves that your "Self" is dead and you are "perfect in Christ", or "Saved", when your "Self" is really alive and deceiving you into not doing Christ's and God's Will of setting up the NATIONAL Kingdom for Christ to come and rule over, physically, in person (Genesis 49:10 note well verses 22-24 - with a body from Joseph NOT Judah - the Jews - that means with a NEW body from the Tribe of Joseph/Ephraim NOT the old one from Judah - the Jews), HERE, on Earth. JAH

If you want to REALLY understand The Holy Bible and The Holy Koran, in order to survive, you HAVE TO read "The Way home or face The Fire" by JAH. Available (at the moment) only from Gibraltar. It needs a world-wide publisher. Can you help?


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